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Find out about Anosognosa and Dunning-Krueger Effect.

Anosognosia is an interesting psychological condition that may be present in everyday life or may be more extremely pronounced in people who deny cognitive or physical disabilities, and may employ coping mechanisms to get around the acknowledgement of such issues. In real life, the Dunning-Kruger effect may be a more common form of anosognosia since it involves people who are not competent in what they are trying to do, but unable to recognize or admit to their own incompetence. Another form of anosognosia can happen as part of Wernicke’s aphasia, which can cause people to talk in incomprehensible sentences, and then become frustrated when the listener cannot understand them.

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Special note: Anosognosia goes beyond denial, since in many forms the patient will truly believe the condition will not exist, or be mentally unable to recognize it even when told.